The English Department Welcomes Prof. Christopher Cannon

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The English department is delighted to welcome Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Christopher Cannon to Johns Hopkins. Christopher Cannon works on medieval literature and, in particular, the emergence of ‘English literature’ as a meaningful category.  He has traced that emergence conceptually (in the intellectual contexts in which it developed), philologically (in the history of English) and, comparatively (as Latin learning produced a ‘grammatical’ English and its poetics).

He is the author of From Literacy to Literature (Oxford University Press, 2016), Middle English Literature: A Cultural History (2008), The Grounds of English Literature (2004), and The Making of Chaucer’s English: A Study of Words (1998).

He is general co-editor of Oxford Studies in Medieval Literature and Culture (a monograph series) and of the Oxford Chaucer (an edition in progress of all of Chaucer’s writing).  He has held a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship and has received the William Riley Parker Prize from the MLA (2014). He comes to Johns Hopkins in 2017 after teaching at NYU, Cambridge, Oxford and UCLA.