Alex Lewis

Alex Lewis is a PhD candidate in the Department of English at Johns Hopkins. Originally from Australia, his scholarship and teaching focuses on early modern literature and culture, with a specific interest in how early modern genres such as allegory and mythography can inform histories of sexuality and subject-formation. His dissertation, A Bawdy Planet: Renaissance Literature and the Construction of Cuckoldry, explores the rise of cuckoldry as a topic in early modern written and visual culture from 1400-1700. He is currently a senior associate editor at ELH.

Comus in Canaan: Milton’s Masque and the Rape of Dinah,” Milton Studies

“‘Who Feeds Revenge Hath Found an Endless Muse’: Nashe, Satire, and the Poetics of Vengeance,” Modern Philology (Spring 2022, forthcoming)

“‘Can the Concept of God Exist in a Purely Logical Language?’: Amiri Baraka, Wittgenstein, and the Hermeneutics of Counter Enlightenment,” Comparative Literature (Spring 2022, forthcoming)