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If you're planning a visit to Johns Hopkins University and would like to meet with a student or faculty member, please contact our Senior Academic Coordinator, who can be found on our contact page.  If you'd like to learn more about visiting Johns Hopkins in general, or about the surrounding area, visit the JHU Visitor Information page.

Undergraduate Admissions

For information on applying to and visiting Johns Hopkins University as a prospective undergraduate, please see the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website.

Graduate Admissions

Thank you for your interest in the Ph.D. program in English Literature at Johns Hopkins University. Information on how to apply to the program and what materials are required for a complete application appears below. (For information on visiting Johns Hopkins University as a prospective graduate student, please see the Graduate Affairs Office website.)

To learn more about the Ph.D. program, see the graduate studies and graduate FAQs pages.

All applicants must apply online using the online application and instructions. Further information on the application process can be found by visiting the Graduate Admissions website.

Once you submit your application online, you will receive an email from Graduate Admissions giving you a UserID and Password. You will need these two pieces of information in order to log into the Graduate Admissions website to monitor the status of your application.

Please note:  The deadline for fall 2014 applications is Thursday, December 4, 2014.

Application deadline for Fall 2015 is December 4, 2014.

A complete Ph.D. application consists of:

  • On-line application and application fee ($75, which must be charged to a credit card)
  • Statement of purpose (1-2 pages)
  • Writing sample (25 pages or less)
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts from all colleges/universities one has attended
  • Official GRE general and subject test scores taken within the last five years.  Please be sure to use the following GRE codes when requesting to have scores sent to Hopkins:
    JHU code: 5332                     English Department code: 2501
  • TOEFL or IELTS.  Scores of tests taken within the last two years are required for those applicants whose native language is not English or who have not received a degree from an institution in the U.S, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Barbados or Bahamas
    JHU code: 5332                     English Department code: 14 (TOEFL)

Interviews are offered after acceptance to the Ph.D. program.

If there are problems accessing the on-line application, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office using the on-line contact form.

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