Job Placement

The Johns Hopkins English graduate program is well equipped to help students through the difficulties of the academic job market. Due to our small size and commitment to intellectual rigor, every student gets a great deal of personal support in every facet of the job search. We hold workshops on publication, applications, and interviews. Our Journal Club talks, a long tradition at Hopkins, highlight graduate student research, and provide important preparation for the talks during campus visits.

The intellectual atmosphere of Hopkins also prepares our students to address, in their dissertations, the current questions facing the field. Our Tudor-Stuart Lectures, our graduate-run ELH lecture series, and our talks by returning faculty all make Hopkins a place where graduate students are part of the ongoing discussions in literary criticism. By the time they go on the job market, our students have years of experience with the sort of work that the profession demands.

Of the 35 students who have received their PhDs since 2009, 29 (83%) have gone on to academic jobs or post-doctoral fellowships in universities. Sixteen of these graduates currently hold tenure-track jobs. This includes tenure-track positions at Stanford University, Cornell University, City College of New York, Case Western Reserve University, St. Mary’s College of Calgary, and University of Rochester. The remaining 6 students (17%) have secured alternative-academic (alt-ac) careers such as publishing, law, and editorials.