Graduate Students

  • Aditya Bahl

    Aditya Bahl

    Research Interests:  Postcolonial Studies, World Literature, Poetry and Poetics, Agrarian History, Political Economy

  • Heleana Bakopoulos

    Heleana Bakopoulos (she/her)

    Research Interests:  American and African American literature after 1865; film and the Hollywood novel; masculinity; the Western genre; Bob Dylan; American intellectual history

  • Ethan Brouder

    Ethan Brouder

    Research Interests:  modernism; poetry and poetics; moral philosophy; censorship, occupation, and 20th c. political history; ecocriticism; W.H. Auden; Bohumil Hrabal; aesthetics

  • George Cox

    George Cox (he/him)

    Research Interests:  psychoanalysis; Marxism; close reading, pedagogy, and literacy; intellectual history; realism and modernism; the novel and science

  • Mitchell Cram

    Mitchell Cram

    Research Interests:  20th-century poetry, Marxism and theory, science fiction

  • Sylvia Cutler

    Sylvia Cutler

    Research Interests:  Transatlantic Romanticism and the nineteenth century; Affect Theory; Postcritical and Postsecular Theory; Gender and Sexuality Studies

  • Carolina Fautsch

    Carolina Fautsch

    Research Interests:  Romanticism and the 19th century; formalism and aesthetics; affect, phenomenology and cognition; magic, mythography and the postsecular; conceptualizing the world/Anthropocene

  • Sophia Franchi

    Sophia Franchi

    Research Interests:  British literature (Romantic and Victorian), the novel, literature and science, sentimental literature, feminist theory

  • Julia Houser

    Julia Houser

    Research Interests:  19th and 20th century British and American literature; the psychological novel; history of religious thought; Henry James; Jewish-American literature

  • K. Anthony Jones

    K. Anthony Jones

    Research Interests:  African American Literature; Twentieth Century Literature; Twentieth Century History; History of Ideas; Critical Race Theory; Archival Theory; African American Art; Early and Late-Twentieth Century American Art and Culture

  • Neah Lekan

    Neah Lekan

    Research Interests:  Early Modern drama, theatres of nation and sovereignty, law and literature, performance studies

  • Cameron Loftis

    Cameron Loftis (he/him)

    Research Interests:  20th century American and African American literature, the novel, theories of race and ethnicity

  • Thai Matthews

    Thai Matthews

    Research Interests:  Medieval folktale and literature, the British Empire as reflected in literature, anti-colonial historicism

  • Jamison Murphy

    Jamison Murphy

    Research Interests:  19th- and 20th-century American fiction, labor, race, Marxism and the history of the left

  • Abdul-Karim Mustapha

    Abdul-Karim Mustapha

    Research Interests:  Global Anglophone Lit (20th and 21st C), African Literature (20th and 21st C), Intellectual History, Globalization, Modernism

  • Xavier Oliver

    Xavier Oliver

    Research Interests:  20th c. American literature, especially literature of the Great Depression; Marxist philosophy of language; dialogism; cryptography psychoanalysis; French critical theory; hermeneutics; liminality and narrative construction of the self

  • Nora Pehrson

    Nora Pehrson

    Research Interests:  19th/20th century British and American literature; poetry and poetics; literary biography

  • Susan Rivera

    Susan Rivera

    Research Interests:  Modernism(s); interwar and postwar fiction; the city in literature; urban morphologies; spatial production; exilic writing; literature and food; film

  • Ryan Rodriguez

    Ryan Rodriguez (he/him)

    Research Interests:  Romantic and Victorian Literature, Early Modern Literature, realism, aesthetics, phenomenology, science, and truth

  • Jonah Shallit

    Jonah Shallit

    Research Interests:  • 20th century American Literature; modernism and postmodernism, transnational literature, dialogue, aesthetics, and politics

  • David Shipko

    David Shipko

    Research Interests:  Modern and contemporary American literature—particularly science fiction, with focus on afrofuturism and indigenous futurisms—critical theory, Marxism, aesthetics and/as politics, the novel form, and creative praxis

  • Woojin Song

    Woojin Song

    Research Interests:  Early Modern Drama, Theatre, Performance, Film, Media, Globalization, Race and Nationality, Politics and Aesthetics

  • Shalima Wellington

    Shalima Wellington

    Research Interests:  African American Literature, Caribbean Literature, and Women's and Gender Studies

  • Patrick Wohlscheid

    Patrick Wohlscheid

    Research Interests:  Early Modern Literature; aesthetics; critical theory; poetry and poetics; gender and sexuality studies

  • Jungmin Yoo

    Jungmin Yoo

    Research Interests:  Victorian Literature; Nineteenth-Century British Literature; The Theory and History of the Novel; Narrative Theory; Form; Political Thought; Aesthetic Theory