Graduate Students

  • Aditya Bahl

    Research Interests:  Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, Marxism, Critique of Political Economy, Negative Dialectics, Continental Philosophy, French Philosophy

  • Aaron Begg

    Aaron Begg

    Research Interests:  Nineteenth- and twentieth-century American and modernist literary studies; African American literature; poetry, science, and technology; poetry and finance; the critique of political economy; literary history of capitalism

  • Royce Best

    Royce Best

    Research Interests:  Shakespeare, Disability Studies, Early Modern Drama, Performance Studies, Long Eighteenth Century, Critical Theory

  • Joel Childers

    Joel Childers

    Research Interests:  Romanticism and modernism; modernity and intellectual history

  • Mitchell Cram

    Research Interests:  20th-century poetry, Marxism and theory, science fiction

  • Sylvia Cutler

    Sylvia Cutler

    Research Interests:  Transatlantic Romanticism and the nineteenth century; Affect Theory; Postcritical and Postsecular Theory; Gender and Sexuality Studies

  • Nathan Doherty

    Research Interests:  Early Modern studies as seen through the lense of current eco-political discourse(s) surrounding the Anthropocene and the porous montage of topics parametized therein

  • Noelle Dubay

    Research Interests:  19th C American spiritualism; contemporary queer investments in the occult

  • Sophia Franchi

    Research Interests:  Modernist literature, Global Modernism, theory of the novel, critical theory

  • Joseph Aurelio Giardini

    Joseph Aurelio Giardini

    Research Interests:  20th Century Poetics, Political Economy, Queer Theory, Critical Urbanism, History of Sexuality

  • Tobias Huttner

    Tobias Huttner

    Research Interests:  20th- and 21st-century American literature; poetry and poetics; African American literature; Francophone literature; histories of genre; critical race theory; the history of capitalism; critical political economy; the history of the university and critical university studies

  • Gloria Jirsaraie

    Research Interests:  African American literature; critical race theory; black feminism; intellectual history

  • Samreen Kazmi

    Research Interests:  Postcolonial and Comparative literatures, British literature (Victorian and early 20th century), narratology, novel theory, genre theory, Marxism, South Asia

  • Sungmey Lee

    Sungmey Lee

    Research Interests:  Nineteenth-Century British Novel, Theories of the Mind, History of Science, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Affect Theory

  • Alex Lewis

    Research Interests:  Early Modern literature; mythography, allegory, and hermeneutics; gender and sexuality studies; poetry and poetics

  • Evan Loker

    Evan Loker

    Research Interests:  19th and 20th century American; Mexican and Brazilian Literature; Political Economy; History of Capitalism; Sports and Social History

  • Alexandra Lossada

    Alexandra Lossada

    Research Interests:  Translation and interpretation studies, ethnic and minority literature, translingualism, race, American citizenship, immigrant detention centers, 20th- and 21st- Century American literature.

  • Atesede (Sede) Makonnen

    Atesede (Sede) Makonnen

    Research Interests:  19th century depictions of race, 19th century British novel, Long 19th century, British literature and culture, Theatre studies, cultural studies, pop-culture, Shakespeare in performance

  • Thai Matthews

    Research Interests:  Medieval folktale and literature, the British Empire as reflected in literature, anti-colonial historicism

  • Daniel McClurkin

    Daniel McClurkin

    Research Interests:  Early Modern Literature, Irish Studies, Genre Theory, Classical Reception, Race and Religion

  • Jamison Murphy

    Research Interests:  19th- and 20th-century American fiction, Marxism and the history of the left, critical race studies, sound

  • Xavier Oliver

    Xavier Oliver

    Research Interests:  20th c. American literature, especially literature of the Great Depression; Marxist philosophy of language; dialogism; cryptography psychoanalysis; French critical theory; hermeneutics; liminality and narrative construction of the self

  • Samanda Robinson

    Samanda Robinson

    Research Interests:  African American literature, Women's and Gender studies, Feminist/womanist literature, speculative fiction, magical realism and Afrofuturism

  • Sarah Ross

    Sarah Ross

    Research Interests:  nineteenth-century British literature; women, gender, sexuality; material and book history

  • Connie Scozzaro

    Connie Scozzaro

    Research Interests:  Early modern literature, issues of feminism and critical theory

  • David Shipko

    David Shipko

    Research Interests:  Modern and contemporary American literature—particularly science fiction, with focus on afrofuturism and indigenous futurisms—critical theory, Marxism, aesthetics and/as politics, the novel form, and creative praxis

  • Alex Streim

    Alex Streim

    Research Interests:  Poetry and Poetics, 20th and 21st Century American Literature

  • Robert Tinkle

    Robert Tinkle

    Research Interests:  Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century literature, particularly drama; colonialism and pre-histories of capital; performance/play theory; utopian imaginaries; religion and literature

  • Jarvis Young

    Jarvis Young

    Research Interests:  19th and 20th century American and African American Literature; genre theory, abjection and paralysis, black body politics