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Sharon Achinstein (she/her)

Sir William Osler Professor of English

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Research Interests: Early modern literature, poetry, and poetics, gender

Christopher Cannon

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of English and Classics

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Research Interests: Grammar and grammar-school learning, early Middle English, Chaucer, Langland, problems of literary history, language and theories of language

Johaina Katinka Crisostomo (she/her)

Assistant Professor

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Research Interests: Asian/Asian American literatures, Latinx/Latin American literatures, political philosophy, religion, comparative empire studies

Nan Z. Da

Associate Professor

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Research Interests: nineteenth-century American and trans-Atlantic literature and letters, modern Chinese literature and letters, literary and social theory, the intersection of literary studies and the data sciences

Education: BA, University of Chicago; PhD, University of Michigan

Drew Daniel (he/him)


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Research Interests: Early modern literature, critical theory, aesthetics

Mary Favret (she/her)

Professor, Vice Dean for Graduate Education and Centers, Programs & Institutes

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Research Interests: British Romanticism, late 18th- early 19th-century English literature, war studies, gender and genre, literature and violence

Jared Hickman

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

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Research Interests: American literature in Atlantic/world context; religious and secular studies; critical race studies; indigenous and settler colonial studies

Jeanne-Marie Jackson


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Research Interests: Theory of the novel, literature and philosophy, sub-Saharan African literature, Russian realism, global regionalisms

Lawrence Jackson

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of English and History

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Research Interests: African American Literature, Literary History, Biography, American History

Douglas Mao (he/him)

Russ Family Professor in the Humanities

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Research Interests: British, Irish, and U.S. poetry and fiction since 1860; global modernism; interdisciplinary study of modernism

Andrew H. Miller (he/him)

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

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Research Interests: Literature and moral philosophy; nineteenth century British literature; literary theory

Aamir R. Mufti

Ralph S. And Becky G. O’Connor Professor

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Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-century English and Anglophone literatures; modern Urdu literature; the history and legacies of the British Empire; South Asian Studies; Middle-Eastern and Islamic Studies; modern European Jewish Studies; minorities and minoritization; religious cultures and secularism; citizenship and statelessness; exile and cosmopolitanism.

Christopher Nealon

John Dewey Professor

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Research Interests: American literature, the critique of political economy, poetry and poetics, intellectual history

Nadia Nurhussein

Professor and Mary Elizabeth Garrett Chair in Arts and Sciences

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Research Interests: African American literature, late 19th- and early 20th-century American literature, Poetry and Poetics

Jesse Rosenthal

Associate Professor

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Research Interests: Victorian novels; theory of the novel; ethics and literature; quantitative textual analysis

Mark Christian Thompson

Krieger-Eisenhower Professor and Chair

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Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-century African-American, German, and French literature; the history and representation of race in literature and philosophy; political philosophy; aesthetics

Affiliated Faculty

professors emeriti

Ronald Paulson

William D. and Robin Mayer Professor Emeritus

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Larzer Ziff

Caroline Donovan Professor of English Emeritus
Research Professor

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Dominique Dureau

Senior Academic Program Coordinator

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Timothy Giglitto

Senior IT Specialist

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