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Frances Ferguson

Professor Emerita

Department of English
Johns Hopkins University


Frances Ferguson has written three books (Wordsworth: Language as Counter-Spirit, 1977; Solitude and the Sublime: Romanticism and the Aesthetics of Individuation, 1992; and Pornography, The Theory, 2005) and essays on a variety of eighteenth and nineteenth century topics and literary theory. She is currently working on a project that aims to identify the difference that Locke, Rousseau, Kant and Bentham's work on children and education made to their accounts of modern democratic political liberalism.

Students who have worked with her have written on a variety of topics (including Wordsworth’s and Coleridge’s debts to philosophy, the importance of property law for the depiction of female character in the eighteenth century, the critique of marriage that develops in and around the Victorian novel, the importance of historicism in the eighteenth century, the relationship between narratives and justice, and the history of experiments on children).

Curriculum Vitae

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