Graduate Student Publications

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The past two years have been characteristically productive ones for English Department graduate students–productive in many different ways.  We’re  happy to report here on some of their recent publications; more will follow soon.

“Making Obesity Fat: Crip Estrangement in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1,” an essay derived from Royce Best’s dissertation, appeared last year in Disability Studies Quarterly  39.4 (2019)

Nathaniel Doherty’s essay  “Indissoluble Alterity: Masked Encounters / Encountering Masks” is forthcoming from Cultural Critique,. It offers a Deleuzean reading of the performances of Baltimore noise musicians, Halloween Tres.

Tobias Huttner has also had two publications appear in the last couple years. “‘Not the Abstract Question of Democracy’: The Social Ground of Whitman’s ‘Lilacs’” appeared in ESQ in their Winter 2019 issue. His review of  Harris Feinsod’s The Poetry of the Americas: From Good Neighbors to Countercultures,” appeared in Critical Inquiry.

Sungmey Lee has also had two publications recently. One is titled “George Eliot’s Home Scene: Folk Nationalism and the Politics of Nature in The Mill on the Floss”; it appeared in the December 2019 issue of Feminist Studies in English Literature. Her second essay appeared in Feedback: Open Humanities Press is titled “Voicing Oolboon: The Work of Feminist Rage in a Climate of Sexual Misconduct.”