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New Book from Prof. Jared Hickman

Professor Jared Hickman’s new book, Black Prometheus, argues that certain features of the Prometheus myth–its geographical associations, iconography of bodily suffering, and function as a limit case in a long tradition of absolutist political theology–made it ripe for revival and reinvention in a historical moment in which freedom itself was racialized, in what was the […]

The English Department Welcomes Prof. Lawrence Jackson

The English department is delighted to welcome Professor Lawrence Jackson to Johns Hopkins. Lawrence Jackson is the author of My Father’s Name: A Black Virginia Family after the Civil War (Chicago 2012), The Indignant Generation: A Narrative History of African American Writers and Critics (Princeton 2010) and Ralph Ellison: Emergence of Genius, 1913-1952 (Wiley 2002). […]

New Book from Prof. Mark Christian Thompson

Professor Mark Christian Thompson’s new book, Kafka’s Blues, proves the startling thesis that many of Kafka’s major works engage in a coherent, sustained meditation on racial transformation from white European into what Kafka refers to as the “Negro” (a term he used in English). Indeed, this book demonstrates that cultural assimilation and bodily transformation in […]

Welcome New Graduate Students!

The Department of English is pleased to welcome our new Fall 2016 graduate students: Nathanael Doherty, Gloria Jirsaraie, Alexandra Lossada, Atesede Makonnen, and Alexander Streim.

New Book from Prof. Jeanne-Marie Jackson

Professor Jeanne-Marie Jackson’s new book, South African Literature’s Russian Soul: Narrative Forms of Global Isolation, has just been released from Bloomsbury Press. South African Literature’s Russian Soul charts the interplay of narrative innovation and political isolation in two of the world’s most renowned non-European literatures. In this book, Jeanne-Marie Jackson demonstrates how Russian writing’s “Golden […]

The English Department Welcomes Prof. Andrew H. Miller

Andrew Miller
The English department is delighted to welcome Professor Andrew H. Miller to Johns Hopkins. Professor Miller, an expert in Victorian studies, attempts, in his research, to show the ways that literary forms make valuable trouble for our thought about various issues, especially those pertaining to human psychology, moral philosophy and history. Professor Miller comes to Hopkins from Indiana University, where for […]

The English Department Welcomes Prof. Mary Favret

The English department is delighted to welcome Professor Mary Favret to Johns Hopkins. Professor Favret is a specialist in British Romanticism, and late 18th- and early 19th-century literature in English. Her first book, Romantic Correspondence (1993), investigates the ways in which letters in the Romantic period become the vehicle for a political, disruptive force. War at […]

Prof. Douglas Mao Assumes Senior Editorial Role at ELH

This summer, Professor Douglas Mao became senior editor of ELH, the renowned journal of literary criticism that has issued from the Johns Hopkins English Department since 1934. Professor Mao looks forward to continuing the ELH tradition of publishing first-rate scholarship on literatures in English from all periods and without restriction as to methodology or theoretical approach. […]

Prof. Drew Daniel Featured in A&S Magazine

As one half of the instrumental electronic duo Matmos, Daniel has toured with well-known singer Bjork, performed at the Guggenheim, and DJ’ed at Yoko Ono’s art opening in San Francisco. And as an associate professor in Hopkins’ English department, he spends several months a year lecturing on Shakespeare. Click to read the article in Arts & Sciences Magazine.