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Sharon Achinstein
Sir William Osler Professor of English

Areas of interest: Early modern literature, poetry and poetics, gender

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(410) 516-5575

Sharon Cameron
William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of English

Areas of interest: American literature, American poetry
(410) 516-7553

Drew Daniel
Associate Professor
Areas of interest: early modern literature, critical theory, aesthetics
(410) 516-4075

Jared Hickman
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Assistant Professor

Areas of interest: American literature in Atlantic/world context; literatures and cultures of Atlantic (anti)slavery; political theology, religion, and secularization; critical race studies; theories of historicism
(410) 516-3843

Jeanne-Marie Jackson
Assistant Professor

Areas of interest: Theory of the novel, hermeneutics, sub-Saharan African literature, Russian literature, postcolonial regionalisms.
(410) 516-5845

Douglas Mao

Areas of interest: British, Irish, and U.S. poetry and fiction since 1860; interdisciplinary study of modernism
(410) 516-7335

Christopher Nealon

Areas of interest: American literature, aesthetic theory, poetry and poetics, the history of sexuality
(410) 516-6046

Jesse Rosenthal
Assistant Professor 

Areas of interest: Victorian literature, narrative theory,ethics and narrative,digital humanities
(410) 516-5168

Eric Sundquist
Department Chair
Andrew W. Mellon Professor of the Humanities

Areas of interest: American literature and culture, including African American and Jewish American; literature of the Holocaust
(410) 516-1103

Mark Christian Thompson
Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor

Areas of interest: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century African-American, German and French literature; the history and representation of race in literature and philosophy; political philosophy; aesthetics; art theory
(410) 516-6237



Joint Appointments
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John Irwin
Decker Professor in the Humanities
(primary appointment in the Writing Seminars)

Area of interest: American literature
(410) 516-8929

Professors Emeriti

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Frances Ferguson
Professor Emerita

Allen Grossman
Andrew W. Mellon Professor Emeritus of the Humanities 

Neil Hertz
Professor Emeritus

Ronald Paulson
William D. and Robin Mayer Professor Emeritus in the School of Arts and Sciences

Larzer Ziff
Caroline Donovan Professor of English Emeritus, Research Professor
(410) 516-4172

Postdoctoral Fellows

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Adam Grener

ACLS New Faculty Fellow
Areas of interest: 

Nineteenth-century British literature, narrative theory, history of the novel, the historical novel, Anglo-Irish and Scottish literatures




Expository Writing Program

Patricia Kain
Director of Expository Writing Program, Teaching Professor | EWP Web Site

William Evans
Senior Lecturer, Expository Writing Program | EWP Web Site

Anne-Elizabeth Murdy Brodsky
Lecturer, Expository Writing Program | EWP Web Site


Marie O'Connor
Lecturer, Expository Writing Program| EWP Web Site


George Oppel
Lecturer, Expositotory Writing Program | EWP Web Site


Aliza Watters
Lecturer, Expository Writing Program| EWP Web Site

MSE Library Liaison

Heidi Herr
Librarian for English and The Writing Seminars | Library Guide
(410) 516-8540
MSE Library, Level M, Room 9

Graduate Students (2013 - 2014)

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First Year

Aaron Begg
Areas of interest: 20th-century American and British Poetry; poetics of the long downturn

Noelle Dubay

Tobias Huttner
Areas of interest: 20th- and 21st-century North American and British Poetry

Samreen Kazmi
Areas of interest: Victorian, Postcolonial and Comparative Literatures; sympathy, ethics and cognitive mapping; narratology; the Novel and political realisms; South Asia.

Sungmey Lee
Areas of interest: Nineteenth-century British literature, Narrative Theory, Korean poetry during Japanese colonial period

Robert Tinkle
Areas of interest: Restoration/18th-Century drama and poetics

Second Year

John Hoffmann
Areas of interest: Interests: Late Victorian, Fin-de-siecle, Modernist literature; Poetics

Third Year

Nora Lambrecht
Areas of interest: 20th-century British, Irish, and American literature and culture; modernist studies

Katarina O'Briain
Areas of interest:

Kevin Roberts
Areas of interest: Early Modern Literature; political philosophy; psychoanalysis

John Sampson
Areas of interest:

Fourth Year

Matthew Flaherty
Areas of interest: Nineteenth-century British literature, realism, narratology, theory of the novel, the ethical turn, Hegelian dialectics.

Grant Shreve

Areas of interest: Nineteenth-century American Literature, Theory of the novel, Pragmatism, Religion and Literature

Fifth Year

Rebecca Buckham 
Areas of interest: early modern literature, ecocriticism, gardens, pastoral and georgic, influence of scientific and technological developments on early modern understandings of the self-world relationship


Joseph Haley

Areas of interest: nineteenth- and twentieth-century poetry, technology and collectivity, religion and atheism, psychoanalysis, cognitive science and learning

William Cook Miller

Areas of interest: 17th and 18th century literatures; relations of theology, science, and language; the history of capitalism in England.

Erica Tempesta

Areas of interest: 19th & 20th century American literature; African American literature; naturalism & modernism ; poetry & poetics


Christopher Westcott

Areas of interest: North American poetry and poetics, especially of the past half-century; capitalism, crisis, and critical social thought; sexuality; cultures of the left; and the history of aesthetics.


Amanda Zecca

Areas of interest: 20th and 21st-century American poetry and poetics; visual art and literature; the experimental-lyric hybrid; the pastoral mode in contemporary poetry; the Objectivist poets (specifically Lorine Niedecker and George Oppen); the "Berkeley Renaissance"; Black Mountain; poetic communities

Sixth Year

Elizabeth Brogden (non-resident)


Jacob Chilton

Areas of interest: Early Modern English poetry, with a particular enthusiasm for Milton; philosophy and literary theory, predominantly the French poststructuralists and the first generation Frankfurt School

Roger Maioli

Areas of interest: Eighteenth-Century Literature; Empiricism and the Rise of the Novel

Jennie Hann

Areas of interest: Victorian literature and culture; poetry, the novel, and lyric-narrative hybrids; the periodical press; book history and reception theory; cognitive science and nineteenth-century psychology; transatlantic influences

 Nan Zhang

 Areas of interest: modernist studies; British intellectual history, political thought and cultural life; comparative ethics; 19th and 20th century literature, the Woolfs and the Bloomsbury group, James Joyce

Seventh Year

Nicholas Bujak

Areas of interest: Romanticism, poetics, the Novel and novel theory


Robert D. Day

Areas of interest: Modernism (especially the novel) and modern literary intellectual culture, the history of cultural criticism, and political rhetoric


Patrick Fessenbecker

Areas of interest: Victorian literature, American literature in the nineteenth century, and connections between philosophy and literature generally; particularly interested in reading nineteenth-century novels against a background of contemporary and more recent works philosophical ethics, and thus analyzing the nature of moral deliberation and selfhood


Douglas Tye

Areas of interest: 19th Century American literature, francophilic theory, and scouring texts for sexual overtones where probably none were intended

Kara Wedekind


Advanced Graduate Students


Robert Higney

Areas of interest: modernism and realism, political and aesthetic theory, and ideas about character and institutional life in the novel from 1900-1950; has taught courses on the literature of the American South, on the family and politics in the novel, and on British literature of World War II


Andrew Sisson


Elizabeth Steedley
Director of Writing Center


Anthony Wexler

Areas of interest:  Postwar American literature and culture, including Jewish American; literature of the Holocaust


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Sally Hauf
Administrative Manager
(410) 516-4313
14 Gilman Hall

Nicole Goode
Senior Academic Program Coordinator
(410) 516-4311
3 Gilman Hall

Timothy Giglitto
Senior IT Specialist
(410) 516-3362
40A Gilman Hall


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