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Selected Faculty Publications

Faculty: | Sharon Cameron | Drew Daniel | Jonathan Kramnick | Douglas Mao | Christopher Nealon | Eric Sundquist |Mark Thompson |

Professors Emeritii and Faculty with Joint Appointments: | Frances Ferguson| Allen Grossman | Neil Hertz | John Irwin | Ronald Paulson | Larzer Ziff |


Sharon Cameron

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Beautiful Work: A Meditation on Pain

Choosing Not Choosing

The Corporeal Self: Allegories of the Body in Melville and Hawthorne


Lyric Time: Dickinson and the Limits of Genre

Thinking in Henry James

Drew Daniel

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20 Jazz Funk Greats

The Melancholy Assemblage: Affect and Epistemology in the English Renaissance



Jonathan Kramnick

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Actions and Objects from Hobbes to Richardson

Making the English Canon: Print-Capitalism and the Cultural Past, 1700-1770











Douglas Mao

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Bad Modernisms

Howards End

Fateful Beauty: Aesthetic Environments, Juvenile Development, and Literature, 1860-1960

Christopher Nealon 

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The Matter of Capital: Poetry and Crisis in the American Century

Foundlings: Lesbian and Gay Historical Emotion before Stonewall


Eric Sundquist

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To Wake the Nations: Race in the Making of American Literature

King's Dream: The Legacy of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" Speech"

Strangers in the Land: Blacks, Jews, Post-Holocaust America


The Hammers of Creation: Folk Culture in Modern African-American Fiction

Faulkner: The House Divided


Mark Thompson

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Black Fascisms


Professors Emeritii and Faculty with Joint Appointments: | Frances Ferguson | Allen Grossman | Neil Hertz | John Irwin | Ronald Paulson | Larzer Ziff |

Frances Ferguson

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Pornography, the Theory: What Utilitarianism Did To Action

Solitude and the Sublime

 Allen Grossman

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How to do Thing with Tears: A Book of Poems

True Love: Essays on Poetry and Valuing

Sweet Youth: Poems by a Young Man and an Old Man, Old and New

Neil Hertz

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The End of the Line

George Eliot's Pulse

John Irwin

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The Mystery to a Solution:  Poe, Borges, and Analytic Detective Story

 Ronald Paulson

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The Art of Riot in England and America


Sin and Evil: Moral Values in Literature

Larzer Ziff

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Return Passages: Great American Travel Writing 1780-1910


All-American Boy



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